Matching Supply with Demand:
An Introduction to Operations Management

by Gerard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch


“This is by far the best introduction to operations management that I have seen. The great strength of this book is the combination of a 'user-friendly' description of the mathematics that underlies operations analysis with a rich and deep discussion of managerial issues.”

Marshall Fisher, UPS Professor, Operations & Information Management Department
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

 “This exceptionally well written and informative book provides the reader with critical knowledge and a step-by-step guide to the optimization of processes and operations management. Readers of Matching Supply with Demand will credit Cachon and Terwiesch for their prominent achievements in operations management.”

 Allan Fromm, President, Anser Services

“This is a wonderful book. It delivers the fundamentals of operations management through clear, practical examples, with minimal mathematical
notation. The focus on applications will prepare students to manage diverse operations effectively.”

Erica Plambeck, Associate Professor of Operations, Information and Technology
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University (more testimonials)




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Preface and Acknowledgements
Chapter Title Sample
Figures Company / Industry used in chapter
to illustrate the tools
1 Introduction (pdf)   (.ppt)  
2 The Process View of the Organization (pdf)   (.ppt) Presbyterian Hospital, PA
3 Understanding the Supply Process: Evaluating Process Capacity (pdf)   (.ppt) Iron Ore Processing in Trinidad
4 Estimating and Reducing Labor Costs (pdf)   (.ppt) Xootr assembly line, PA
5 Batching and Other Flow Interruptions (pdf) (.ppt) Xootr machining and purchasing, PA
6 Variability and its Impact on Process Performance: Waiting Time Problems (pdf)   (.ppt) Anser call center, WI
7 The Impact of Variability on Process Performance: Throughput Losses (pdf) (.xls) (.ppt) Hospital Trauma Center, PA
8 Quality Management and the Toyota Production System (pdf)   (.ppt) Xootr quality control, PA
Anser call center, WI
9 Betting on Uncertain Demand: The Newsvendor Model (pdf) (.xls) (.ppt) O'Neill sportswear, CA+Mexico
10 Assemble-to-order, Make-to-order, and Quick Response with Reactive Capacity (pdf)   (.ppt) O'Neill sportswear, CA+Mexico
11 Service Levels and Lead Times in Supply Chains: The Order-up-to Inventory Model (pdf) (.xls) (.ppt) Medtronic, MN
12 Risk Pooling Strategies to Reduce and Hedge Uncertainty (pdf)   (.ppt) O'Neill sportswear, CA+Mexico
13 Revenue Management with Capacity Controls (pdf)   (.ppt) Philadelphia Hotel, PA
14 Supply Chain Coordination (pdf) (.xls) (.ppt) Sunglass Supply Chain
A Statistics Tutorial (pdf)      
B Tables        
C Evaluation of the Loss Function        
D Equations and Approximations        
E Solutions to Selected Practice Problems**        
  Index to "How-to" Exhibits        
  Summary of Key Notation and Equations        

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